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As a family business based in Leipzig, mobileBlox GmbH is your partner for innovative CRM-, Service- and Object Management- software solutions. Our focus is to create intuitive software applications. We develop the mobile software solution piaX as an extension in Microsoft Outlook. The bidirectional interface piaX, is able to retrieve and edit your data from your ERP Software at any time and at any place. We connect all sales representatives to your main business location.



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Behind the scenes

mobileBlox is a people orientated business. The team consists of a variety of senior and junior experts, professional beginners, all-rounders and lateral entries. As a whole, we benefit from the know-how and ideas that each individual contributes.

Innovative and solution-oriented

We are constantly focused on improving our software. For this purpose, we keep close customer relations to jointly develop piaX and adapt it to the needs of our clients.

Programming and service from within

Your benefit is our complete package consisting of software and services. From the first ever written piaX code until the very latest – our experts know how to approach your issue and how to handle and solve an appearing problem. Get in touch with our experienced staff and be ensured that your inquiries are processed quickly and reliable.

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