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mobileBlox is a software development company based in Leipzig with a focus on enterprise application, especially mobile CRM and Field Service solutions. Our goal is easy and fast access to company information through mobile solutions. With our solution piaX we enable the offline processing of CRM and service data including the data from the document management system directly in Outlook.

Be unique and inspire your customers! A conversation with us quickly clarifies whether piaX is right for you.

Stay tuned of all sale opportunities and relevant business information. All contacts, activities and documents from your ERP-system are always available in Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices.

Manage complex building-objects and allocate them to different contacts, person in charge or activities. Create a link between relevant data and involved persons.

Your engineers can manage and work offline with their service order. Working hours, material and reposts can be covered in MS Outlook and rewritten to proALPHA, bidirectionally.

An integrated ERP software is the key to unlocking your team’s full potential. Whether for management, finance, purchasing, sales, service, cost accounting, production or warehousing.

piaX is an unique technology which merges your central ERP-data with MS Outlook and mobile devices. This results in more transparent, faster and less error-prone business processes. Additionally, piaX provides the opportunity, to process and view your DMS offline 24/7.

Through piaX’s depth integration in Outlook calender, contact and email traffic, your sales representatives receive online and offline access to relevant data. This allows an highly optimised support and a fast reaction time to encountered problems. From now on, your back office and field service exchange the most important business data without media disruptions or duplicate entries.

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