Exact planning – more than a simple rout (in)e

Plan your sales routes offline with the integrated piaX route planning. From small routes to long tours – this route planner is your reliable companion. As a business traveler, enter your address as the starting point of your journey in the linked map window and repeat this step for your destination or stopovers. This can be your contacts, contacts, sales campaign / activity or a building object.

To save yourself a stressful search while driving, this route planner shows you additional information on your route. Select your desired stopping places during the route planning and start driving relaxed and stress-free.


  • A minimap on the dashboard, contact, contact person, sales campaign, activity or object
  • available offline
  • Better overview of the contact address
  • Direct link to the map window

Map window

  • Map display including display of the environmental zones
  • House numbers
  • Zoom
  • Search for contacts and addresses
  • Create favorites such as “At home” or “workplace”
  • POI display such as Gas stations, parking lots, hotels or restaurants
  • Incl. Information such as telephone, website etc.

Area search

  • Search for distance, time or consumption
  • Display of distance and travel time
  • The range is shown on the map

Category display

  • Anzeige mehrerer Kategorien pro Pin
  • Display of several categories per pin
  • Color coding per category
piaX Routenplanung

Route calculation

  • Calculation of a route from a start to the destination
  • Start and end points can be favorites or search results
  • Duration can be calculated based on historical traffic data
  • Interim destinations can be inserted

Next Step

Our development team is working flat out to improve our products. The next feature of route planning is tour planning.

Create tour

You can combine several destinations into one tour and determine their sequence exactly. Order optimization gives you tips on nearby customers, destinations or objects on the map.

current roads

All data are based on current road courses. So you can be sure that our route description is the best starting point for your planning.

Save tours

You have the option of planning a route with the PC, saving it and then calling it up with your smartphone.

use offline

All saved routes are automatically stored in the profile and can be called up offline in the app after logging in accordingly.

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