Bidirectional ERP interface – the standard at piaX

What makes piaX so special is the preconfigured bidirectional interface to the ERP-system proALPHA. Thus, the use of piaX guarantees integrated processes in your sales and service and provides the sales force with a clear view of long-term and complex processes.

piaX Technologie

The piaX technology

Not only read data from the ERP system with piaX, but also write it back

  • piaX synchronizes the data from the ERP system with MS Exchange mailboxes.
  • Exchange synchronization distributes the data to the users.
  • Contacts, calendar entries and tasks are available in the smartphone. Changes are written back to the ERP system.
  • Data exchange takes place via OutlookExchange so that piaX can also be used without a VPN.
  • Through sophisticated filtering options, the synchronized amount of data can be easily controlled individually per user or for entire groups.

Our piaX interface enables:

... to work offline

Even without Internet access, you can create your actions, new contacts or DMS documents in the piaX Outlook Add-In. As soon as you have access to the Exchange server again, your data will be transferred to the ERP system.
Thus, piaX saves you the follow-up and increases the quality of your data.

… synchronize data bidirectionally

Thanks to our special partnerships with proALPHA and abas, we offer our customers a bidirectional standard interface to their own ERP system. This not only reads the data via the application logic, but also writes it back.

… a central database

Whether with MS Outlook or in your ERP system, your employees work on all devices with the same database.
The data is stored in a central location, the ERP system. Thanks to our new piaX technology, your input will not be lost even if it is edited by multiple users at the same time.

… filtering data

You decide which employee should receive which data from the ERP system in his piaX. You can define these settings in the piaX Management Center for entire user groups or for the individual piaX user.

… Transfer of the configuration and lists from the ERP system

piaX takes over all field names, selection lists and field descriptions from the ERP system, including DMS. This way you have to do not create an industry or representative list additionally in piaX. The positive side effect: Field staff and office staff continue to speak the same language when referring to ERP data. Terms such as contact, contact person, customer, etc., which could otherwise be occupied otherwise, remain so clear.

… years of interface experience

Thanks to our technical know-how and close cooperation with ERP providers, we are always able to offer piaX for the latest versions of ERP systems.

The piaX system requirements

To use piaX, you need

  • ERP system proALPHA
  • Microsoft Outlook 32 or 64 bit 2013/2016/2019/365 desktop
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/2016/2019/365
  • Smartphones with Active Sync support
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